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Is insurance accepted at Renew Health for treatments?

Renew Health primarily caters to personal and auto accident injury claims, focusing on providing comprehensive care and support through your recovery journey. While we do not directly accept insurance, our team is available Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., to assist and guide you through your treatment plan and related documentation.

Does Renew Health provide transportation for appointments?

Yes, Renew Health does offer transportation options for our personal injury clients, ensuring ease and accessibility when attending essential appointments. We are dedicated to providing continuous and unhindered care, and facilitating transportation is one of the ways we strive to support our clients throughout their recovery process.

Is Telemedicine an option for consultations and follow-ups at Renew Health?

Absolutely. Renew Health provides Telemedicine services for those unable to attend in-person appointments, ensuring that your recovery process remains uninterrupted. Whether it’s an initial consult or a follow-up appointment, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality care and support via virtual platforms, maintaining the continuity and efficacy of your personalized treatment plan.

How does Renew Health support my legal case following an auto injury?

Our pain management team not only focuses on your physical recovery but also meticulously maintains detailed medical records of your treatments and progress, which are pivotal in personal injury cases. We work in alliance with a network of attorneys, providing them with precise and exhaustive medical record-keeping and potentially substantiating your auto injury claims with critical medical evidence.

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